Great Live Sound

A practical guide for every sound tech

Great Live Sound by James Wasemis the best place to start for new sound techs from all backgrounds and experience levels. This book will provide you with clear explanations, plain instruction, and focus on the fundamentals that matter most when it comes to operating a live sound system.

Audio rookies will appreciate this easy to follow handbook that delivers a consistent training approach, professional tips, and quick tricks for achieving great live sound.

  • Learn how a mixing console works (and what all those knobs do).
  • Discover the EQ secrets that make a mix sound great.
  • Improve the sound of singers and instruments.
  • Get better sound from the gear you already have.
  • Download the free mobile app with helpful tips and tricks.

Whether you want to get rid of feedback, improve your mix, or take your understanding to the next level, Great Live Sound is the resource for you.

Every section and chapter in the book is designed to walk you through the most important things you need to know about live sound, including identifying key components in your sound system, getting setup for a successful soundcheck and mix, and dealing with some of the common issues with live sound in challenging mixing environments.


Also inside:

  • Discussion about in-ear monitors and how to use them.
  • An entire section dedicated exclusively to EQ.
  • Specific tips for compression and other effects.
  • Advice for mixing live streaming events.
  • Microphone placement tips and illustrations.
  • More than 80 illustrations included throughout the text.
  • Segmented sections and chapters for easy navigation of topics.
  • Glossary of common audio terms.
  • Mobile app for on-the-go learning and practicing.

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