Gary Sinise and Lt. Dan Band Dedicate Weekend to Veterans

gary sinise

A little while ago Gary Sinise – famously known for being Lt. Dan in Forest Gump – performed at the North Charleston Coliseum as part of the fifth annual Lt. Dan Weekend which is a two-day event in conjunction with the Independence Fund–a volunteer nonprofit organization.

Songwriting With Soldiers

The main goal is to “raise awareness for the issues facing our most severely wounded veterans, as well as raising funs to directly support the organizations participating in the events,” said the Independence Fun team.

Operation Music Aid

The independence Fun has raised and distributed over $11 million goods and services for veterans severely injured in the military campaigns in the Middle East.

Performing for veterans is nothing new for Sinise. He’s been touring with his band visiting troops for years now. Back in 2009 nice Fox News did a documentary “On the Road in Iraq with our Troops and Gary Sinise” when the band toured Kuwait and Iraq.

Guitars for Veterans

In 2011 Sinise and the band were featured in a full-length documentary titled “Lt. Dan Band: For the Common Good.” They performed for more troops and fans alike. Sinise says in the film,

I’ve played astronauts, presidents, governors and Vietnam veterans. I’ve had some great opportunities do a lot of different things, but when you look at ‘Lt. Dan Band: For the Common Good,’ you get to see me do something that isn’t a character. It’s just me with a passion, trying to serve and give back. It’s an uplifting and morale-boosting experience, I think.”

More recently, Sinise is helping wounded veterans by supporting a foundation called Building for America’s Bravest. The Gary Sinise Foundation was able to give Staff Sgt. Travis Mills a new smart home that will help the quadruple amputee veteran in many ways.

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