Disabled Boy Plays Piano with Virtual Reality Headset

Eye Play the Piano

Virtual Reality headsets aren’t only for video games. They are starting to be used in a variety of ways as they become more accessible to developers. Naturally, someone would find a way to incorporate a headset into music, but who could’ve seen it being used as such a beneficial medium.

Japanese VR headset manufacture Fove and the University of Tsukuba have developed the Eye Play the Piano. The headset tracks the user’s eye movements as the user looks at panels being displayed in the headset. When the user blinks, the headset registers the blink as selecting the panel. For instance, if that panel was a C-chord, then the headsets sends a signal to the piano to play a C-chord.

Fove is trying to raise over $12,000 to distribute the hardware to 135 schools for physically disabled children around Japan.

It’s pretty incredible to watch, and luckily you can! The video below shows the technology being used at a Christmas concert back in December at the University of Tsukuba’s Special Needs Education School for the Physically Challenged.

After watching the video, let us know what you think about the VR headset. What other ways could VR be used to help those in the world? Do you think it could change the music industry in any way? Leave us your thoughts below!



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