Community Video: Destiny Malibu – Love Yourself (Justin Bieber Cover)

destiny malibu

Destiny Malibu was named as one of the twenty-five Break-Out Artists of 2016 by Shutter 16 Magazine. Her 4th release “Oblivion” bolted her to #1 on the Local ReverbNation Pop Charts!

Though new to the scene as a solo artist, Destiny was  five  when she first appeared on  the television network Univision as part of an original tribute song for 911 victims. Before turning twelve,  Destiny had written five songs that were on iTunes and on twenty-three radio stations.  Destiny won first place for multiple songwriting contests including the one she won her sophomore year in High School. She was encouraged after reading the contest evaluation statement, “You are already a star in my eyes.”  The grand prize was to meet the staff at Remote Control Studios- home of 4-time Grammy Award winner-Hans Zimmer!”  At seventeen, before her high school graduation, Destiny was signed to the Burnett Music Group! Destiny is now working with multiple publishers and pillars in the industry and is excited to share all of her upcoming music projects!

You can learn more by visiting her website here.

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