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Radiate is an American progressive/post-hardcore rock band from New York City formed in 2017. The group consists of vocalist Daniel Louis, guitarist Vlad Tipicidi, bassist Michael Feliciano, and drummer Will Ford. So far, they have released five videos for their singles.

In summer 2018, the band went to Portland, OR and recorded their debut studio EP, Human, with world-famous producer Kris Crummett (who has produced and recorded albums for Dance Gavin Dance, Issues, and Sleeping With Sirens). Radiate’s latest music video for “I Promise This” has  brought them huge amounts of buzz in the scene, including interviews and media promotions by some of the most popular media magazines in the genre, like Altpress and The Rock Life Magazine.

The band also stands strong with deep meaningful artwork for their releases, collaborating with an artist from Russia. In November 2020, Radiate is going to fly to Portland, OR to work on their debut album with producer Kris Crummett — and they are going to surprise fans with their new sound and music ideas.

For more information, visit Radiate’s website.

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