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Megan Morrison, aka MORRISON, is a Miami-based American singer, songwriter, and fire performer. If Lana Del Rey, Matt Bellamy, and Sebastian Bach had a love child, the product would be MORRISON’s music. Her style of singing ranges from sultry sweet to in-your-face battle cries and the songs she writes have a purpose. As a recovering alcoholic, Megan has redirected a lot of her emotions and life experiences into her songwriting. Her hope is to raise awareness around mental health and addiction by sharing her story and delivering an encouraging message through her music.

MORRISON was named “Best Solo Musician of 2019” by the Miami New Times and she proudly represents her city. Living in Miami has helped her develop a fresh attitude towards life. Born in Maine and raised in Massachusetts, Megan began demonstrating her vocal talent at an early age. She studied classical voice performance at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Hunter College in NYC. It wasn’t until she started singing in rock and punk bands on the side that Megan discovered her true passion.

In addition to her talents as a musician, Megan has honed her skills as a professional fire dancer. Both her “Heart on Fire” and “9 Lives” music videos showcase the artist performing with fire. Megan has made appearances fire dancing in music videos with Pitbull, Elvis Crespo, and Fuego Fireboy as well as on stage with Jessie J at the New Now Next Awards in Miami.

MORRISON is currently finishing her debut solo album. She has poured her heart and soul into her upcoming release and hopes it speaks to her listeners. She connects with her audience because she is honest and not afraid to be vulnerable. Her album will tell a story of redemption, rebirth, and how she overcame.

For more information, visit her website.

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