Classic Piano Tuning Lever

The Levitan “Classic” Tuning Lever from Howard Piano Industries is new concept in tuning hammers, developed by well-known NYC technician Dan Levitan, RPT, former tuning editor of the Piano Technicians Journal.

Unlike typical tuning hammers, the Levitan Classic’s shank is joined to the head — a point of maximum strain — with a sturdy, reinforced weld rather than a threaded joint. An extremely stiff but lightweight tubular steel shank extends under the entire length of the handle. The result is a tool with very little flex and a noticeably direct sensation of connection with the tuning pin.

The dimensions of this universal tuning hammer are calibrated to fit virtually all pianos encountered in the field. The rosewood handle has been carefully shaped for equal comfort on both verticals and grands, whether gripped in the middle or at the end.

  • Head angle: 7-1/2 degrees
  • Underside of shank to tip thread: 15/16″
  • Shank diameter: 3/4 inch
  • Overall length: 11 inches
  • Weight with tip: 9.5 oz.

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