How to Play Clarinet Scales: A Minor

Welcome to our first minor scale video with Cassidy! In this video we’re going to teach you how to play the A minor scale, which is the relative minor to C major. Basically, this means that both scales have the same key signature.

In case you missed our last video on how to play the C major scale with Ana, you can check it out here!

We would also encourage you to read along with the notes below:

a minor

Download our free clarinet fingering chart here.

Cassidy is the Digital Marketing Manager at Making Music and has recently begun her career in the music industry. In May 2017, she graduated from the Crane School of Music with a double degree in Music Business and Music Theory. Upon graduating college, Cassidy did an internship with DANSR, Inc. in Illinois before moving to Southern California where she was the NAMM intern for six months. Her favorite instrument is the clarinet, but she also enjoys dabbling with guitar, piano, ukulele, saxophone, and flute.

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