Community Video: Accept the Wind – Seconds

Accept the Wind is an Alternative/Indie Rock Band from Huntington, New York. The band started when Johnny Kingdom (Peters)’s (Guitar/Vox) metalcore band My Kingdom broke up in June of 2016. Johnny started writing songs on acoustic guitar, posted some videos on Instagram, and got the opportunity to record with Aaron Gillespie (UnderOath, Paramore) in Salt Lake City, Utah. Those recordings would become the “June” EP (Apple Music, Spotify etc.) released in June of 2017.

Johnny then ran into Childhood friend Sean Szollosi (drums) at Vauxhall in Huntington. The question was posed, “When are we jamming?” Sean and Johnny started forming the set and writing before adding other childhood friend Michael Plunkett on bass. Accept the Wind transformed from an acoustic project to an indie rock band and has played shows in both Brooklyn and Long Island in 2018. The future is looking bright and the band is hyped to record new songs. Check out the June EP by Accept the Wind on Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify or whatever digital music streaming service you use!

To stay up to date on Accept the Wind, check out their Instagram page.

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