Learn How to Use Chord Voicing

So, let’s say you know your chords, major, minor, seventh. Now what? It’s kind of boring to stick with the same old notes in a triad or seventh chord. Jazz musicians automatically change them up by altering notes, leaving out notes, and extending the chord tones. What a difference this makes! You will sound uber professional! This video teaches you a beautiful chord voicing (arrangement of notes in a chord) that uses both hands. And by tweaking it in various ways, you will get subtle changes in harmony that will totally inspire you. Am I overstating this? I don’t think so. Watch this video and see how a new voicing will give your chords a harmony “makeover”.


Debbie Gruber, B.M., M.M., is the President of www.EasyPianoStyles.com where she sends out free video piano lessons on playing pop/jazz piano. Debbie was a lecturer in jazz appreciation at Western Michigan University. She is also a piano and voice instructor and performs at many restaurants and parties in the Boston area.

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