Choosing the Right Keyboard

Korg Keyboard

Choosing the Right Keyboard: Workstation vs. Arranger

Our good friends at Korg have put together a great informational video on how to choose the right keyboard for your own personal needs. This video will help musicians who struggle to understand the differences between the “Arranger Keyboards” and “Music Workstations”. Korg has found that many people do not fully understand what arranger keyboards are for – sometimes musicians buy workstations when they should really be considering an arranger instead. The Korg video provides examples of specific scenarios where one keyboard should be used versus the other and even gives demonstrations of the keyboards so musicians can fully utilize all of the special features. After watching this video, choosing the right keyboard should be no problem at all.

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I heartily approve. He is talking about determining your end use in order to determine what kind of keyboard to buy. This is something I’ve always told my students – it’s basically Steven Covey, one of the habits of highly successful people. “Habit #2: Start with the end in mind.” Good thinking on this dude’s part and Korg’s.

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