Casio donates keyboards and digital pianos to ‘Notes for Notes’ Nonprofit

notes for notes

Casio America, Inc., this month has teamed up with Notes for Notes (N4N) — a non-profit organization that builds, equips, and staffs after-school recording studios inside Boys & Girls Clubs and youth facilities giving youth the opportunity to explore, create, and record music for free — to gift more than 10 keyboards and digital pianos to the organization’s newest studio and more.

The action is part of Casio’s dedication to providing budding musicians of varying levels with the instruments they need to foster a love and appreciation of music.

“N4N studios offer students the chance to discover their passions with professional instruments, without the worry of financial burden,” said Stephen Schmidt, vice president of Casio’s Electronic Musical Instrument division. “Casio is proud to be a part of the N4N community to not only help educate youth about music, but also to inspire creativity and encourage freedom of expression.”

N4N studios are drop-in recording studio environments where youth ages 6 to 18 and older can gain regular, free access to a wide variety of musical instruments, expert instruction, and the tools to create and record their own music. The studios are staffed by N4N team members and offer a knowledge base of engineering, instrumentals, and songwriting, as well as opportunities to learn about professional musicianship and other careers in the industry. The newest studio is slated to open in Las Vegas, Nevada later this year, and, like its predecessors, will be outfitted with a range of Casio products including 11 LK-265 Lighted Key keyboards.

As a way to support its ongoing efforts, N4N hosts a wide range of charitable events including benefit concerts and more. This month, Casio donated a PRIVIA PX-S1000 digital piano and a G-Shock Blue Note Record Limited Edition timepiece to N4N for a silent auction in Santa Barbara geared towards raising funds for current and future studios in partnership with Seymour Duncan featuring the Steve Miller Band.

This month, Casio donated a PRIVIA PX-S1000 digital piano for a silent auction to raise funds for future Notes for Notes studios.
(photo courtesy Casio America, Inc.)

“N4N was founded on the core belief that music is the universal language of humankind,” says CEO and Co-founder for N4N, Philip Gilley. “Enabling our youth to explore music is critical and we couldn’t make it happen without companies like Casio. Casio’s generosity in providing keyboards goes beyond simply putting instruments in the hands of youth – it showcases an ongoing commitment to growing music education across the nation.”

To learn more about Notes for Notes and how to get involved in your local studio, visit

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