Community Video: Beamer Wigley – Roller Coaster

Beamer Wigley

Country artist Beamer Wigley hails from Kelowna, British Colombia. Inspired by a Keith Urban/Brad Paisley video “Start A Band”, Wigley started playing guitar at age 5, and decided then that it was what he wanted to do.  He started writing songs and performing at age 7.  At 11, Wigley was signed to a record label and released his debut album.  The title single, “Meterorite,” which he co-wrote, charted to # 74 on Country Radio.  At 13, he was invited into the ‘Brotherhood Of The Guitar ‘ and also received a sponsorship from Ernie Ball/Music Man Guitars.

He is very glad to have had as many experiences as he has at a young age: “I’ve been fortunate to have opened for multiple top Canadian Country artists, as well as Dwight Yoakam and Granger Smith. Over the past two and a half years, I’ve been working in Nashville with legendary songwriter Keith Follese and his wife Adrienne.”  Wigley’s 3rd single, “Roller Coaster,” which we co-wrote, was released in Canada in July of this year.

He is now managed by Keith Follese and they are in the studio this month, working on his new 6 song EP. Having already done a Showcase in Nashville this summer, Wigley plans to spend a lot more time there, writing music and expanding on the new opportunities that are opening.

You can find out more about Beamer Wigley on his website.

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