Community Video: All From Nothing – Second Chances

All From Nothing a rock band from Emporia, KS. The group is led by frontman Jeff Kitselman, who was heavily influenced musically by growing up smack dab in the middle of the grunge capital of the world, Aberdeen, Washington. Kitselman was there from the inception of grunge and into the peaks and fades of the mid to late 90’s. He also has influences of both 90’s hard rock and punk rock, and adds a unique vocal range and flare to the sound while providing creative song writing focused on many important topics that ring true to what matters to him and the band.

All From Nothing lead guitarist, Sage Thurston Tabares, brings youth and high energy to the band. He also provides great vocal harmonies as one of the leading back up vocalists. Thurston Tabares is very talented as a songwriter and can play about any instrument. His influences vary as well from the early days of pop punk to the modern day hard core screamo bands.

The bassist, commonly known as Pav, brings his edge to the band with his roots deep in both straight up punk from the 70’s into 90’s but still can get down to rock.

The newest addition is Garrett Fancher on the drums. Another great fit with the rest of the guys, he is the glue that keeps the rest of the band at the same blistering tempo throughout most every song.

All From Nothing is very diverse in musical influence and thrives on playing uptempo, high energy, with lots of raw emotion. At times they are straight up rock, but can vary with both raw punk undertones to a darker driving heavy rock.
To stay up to date on the band’s musical endeavors, check out their website.

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