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Great article! But something got slightly scrambled with the HTML in the article, so the formatting isn’t showing up correctly. 🙁

Thanks for your tip to not pass over used instruments when looking for them online. I imagine that especially if you were buying professional quality instruments you could be fairly sure that their previous owners took good care of them. My daughter has been asking me to buy her a flute for a while now and I want to get her one that is high quality. Maybe I’ll think about this tip. Thanks!

can i ask a question ? I want to get some guitar accompaniment gear but i dont want to make a mistake and waste money. I have been playing guitar for a few years and i am reasonable at it. I want to be able to play lead and play along to songs and then i want to be able to perform as a solo act. I have performed before but not solo. I have been looking at the Digitech Trio+, Boss JS10 and Band in the box software…………… there anything that you would recommend?

The biggest benefit when you buy musical instruments online is that you will save money. There are many different online stores so you can get a great deal on a new or used instrument.

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