Tips for Pianists To Stay Focused and Motivated

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Playing piano is a dream for thousands of people, but often this dream is hindered due to lack of time or energy. One of the most common reasons people stray from learning piano is a lack of concentration. Losing concentration can make you feel unmotivated and distracted from your goal. Thus, people often wonder how they can stay focused and motivated during the piano learning process.

If you are among those people who are desperate and trying to learn piano but have been distracted in the past, stick around, because I am going to list a few things here that will help you learn the piano effectively. I have discussed this topic with many experts and professionals and hope these tips will help you stay motivated and pursue your dream of becoming a pianist.

Practice Your Favorite Music

Many people dislike practicing piano because they don’t find it interesting anymore. This can be caused by a poor music selection. If you choose music that you don’t love, your interest will dwindle over an extended period of time. You must start practicing with interesting music to keep you  motivated and focused on your work. Though some music is hard to play on piano, you will find a reason to continue without stopping if you are playing music you enjoy.

Take Breaks

Don’t practice for a long time, especially if you are not enjoying what you are practicing. You should split your time among a variety of tasks and take short breaks during a practice session. This will help you simplify the process and learn the piano more effectively.

Most beginners start practicing for extended periods of time until they complete their tasks for the day, and this can have a negative impact on their learning. By taking short breaks, your brain has a chance to recoup and you will become more focused when you get back to it.

Set a Goal and Try to Achieve It

If you have trouble concentrating during your practice sessions, you should set a regular goal for each day. This will give you a reason to move forward and motivation to continue.

You can create goals that are competitive as well. You can involve your friends in the competition to make it more fun and exciting. Every week you can set a new goal to emphasize for that week of practice. The more people that are involved, the more driven you will be to work towards your goal and make progress.

Find an Ideal Time to Practice

You should avoid practicing when you are thinking about other things or worried about something else that needs to be done. If you don’t feel ready to practice in the morning, you should push your practice sessions to later in the day, and vice versa. Identifying the perfect time to practice is essential. If you force your mind to practice when it’s not ready, it won’t help you. When you feel fresh and the situation is under control, you can carry on. But the condition should be calm and quiet to concentrate on your piano playing. Learn more here about the piano learning process.

Practice in the Right Place

Choosing the perfect place is also important and can have a negative impact if you choose the wrong place to learn. If you choose a crowded place, it will be difficult for you to focus. You can’t concentrate on your learning properly in a loud and distracting setting. So, you should avoid a place that is loud and busy. The place in which you choose to practice should be quiet and calm to keep yourself focused on your learning.

Make Note of Your Improvement

You must note your improvement to keep yourself motivated and focused. If you don’t realize you are improving, you may become frustrated and stop practicing. So, you should keep notes on your improvements as well as what you would like to improve upon. You can also discuss your improvements with others to get suggestions from them on how to further improve your skill set.

Share Your Thoughts with Others

Sharing your thoughts with others will allow you to gain feedback on your techniques and learn what methods others use during their practice sessions. If you share your weaknesses and problems with them, they will make suggestions to help you, such as what they do to stay focused and motivated. If you share with experts, you will gain good insight for sure.

Sharing with friends is also beneficial because they will support you and try to motivate you as well. You should share with your friends and implement the ideas you get.

Final Thoughts

Learning the piano can be a ton of fun, but staying focused and motivated during the process may be difficult. If you follow the points mentioned above, you will stay focused and learn in a way that is both efficient and effective. You will get enough motivation to carry on for a long time and fulfil your dreams of being a pianist.

John Anthony is a guitar player and collector. He is an experience guitar player of 10 years. Recently, he launched, a website that provides guitar recommendations, tips on learning guitar for beginners, and much more.

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