How to Start a Popular Student Band

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Everyone understands that music remains one of the earliest trends that have been with humans from the beginning. Music flourishes in every area of human existence. The influence only continues to be overwhelming from time to time. Many have gone about making this the very stuff of their lives, and they are very professional about it. Commonplace people are as well keen about it. Nonetheless, music is one thing that should be discovered at one’s earlier stage of life. So, as a student, you should begin to realize the good about doing something fantastic. Steering a student band can benefit you as a hobby, be a means to being popular, and help you make new, like-minded friends.

There a number of bands that took off consisting of only students, and they achieved excellence while they studied. Many of them “rocked” their campus and they came to limelight after they graduated. Some examples include Brian May of Queen, who saw bassist Tim Staffell  posting a flyer on a notice board on the soil of London’s Imperial College, their school, and Jonny Buckland of Coldplay and Chris Martin, who met at University College, London carrying on the band as “Starfish”. Others include The Hall & Oates – Temple University (1967) and R.E.M. – University of Georgia (1980).  You too can find a campus environ as a conducive place to begin your musical career like many others have successfully done.

However, there are certain guidelines you really need to pay attention to when in a bid to stage a popular student band. These are:

The Music Itself

You need to understand the target audience you aim to entertain with your music, which will help facilitate comprehending what sort of music you would desire to major in. While in school, it was the love for punk and African music that made Ezra Koenig and Chris Thomson bond to float the notorious Vampire Weekend of the Columbia University in 2005. So what music are you producing? What is your target audience?


Your character has a lot to say about your success as a musician. As they say, ‘attitude is everything’. You may have to seek out personal development opportunities and some fundamental tips that will help you (proffered by World Strides). Prepare rigorously by taking advantage of all available spare time. Work towards raising funds and learn new methods. Embrace novel techniques. Never be affrighted by attempting something new and taking calculated risks.  Persistence in spite of some adversity is also a good trait that you must showcase. For example, in 1990, Joel Rundell of “Better than Ezra” died by suicide, but the other three that formed the band soldiered on. As students, they were resilient enough to persist. So, you have to persist!


Through the supportive base you carve out and encourage your new and newer members to write songs and ground their lyrics. You must also endeavor to be current and unconventional as you write the lyrics. Try and treat your band members with reverence and acceptance even in situations where it appears that the lyrics are not as well-thought out as they should have been.

Making Choice Members

As much as you need to be keen at choosing quality prospects, you should also be aware of the archetypes that would not fit any well into your music program. You must ensure a striking balance of charisma, character and competence in the persona of the prospects. As you already know, music is an art just like writing. If professional writers like EssayOnTime can be highly selective in choosing their writers, you should be selective in building an excellent band as well. So, make sure you choose musicians that are likely to flow along with the band.


Sure, you don’t want to run an extremely hard affair. You need to secure, by way of lease or purchase, all the required instruments you most likely would need. You can visit the net and find a site that helps ensure this.  This may be quite straining especially at the start, but it’s worth the effort.


You should be able to appreciate which genre of music you are particularly interested in. You must seek them out. This is simply because it is not every strand of talent that fits for directing a popular student band. It was the unusual talent of Morrison that caused him to be called to join “Rick and the Ravens” then. They continued to recruit new memberships for their music hub after they graduated. It appears that was the same period John Densmore joined as a musician. Talent was an especial ingredient that consolidated “The Doors” musical band, formed far back in 1965 at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.

Hold Auditions

After you run some ads calling for prospective musicians, if more than one of them respond, you can do well to gather the troupe, give them a number of songs to learn and see what sort of music you would be able to produce together.

Begin Rehearsals

Start organizing practice sessions with the other musicians, no matter how few they may appear. You will need a good dose of positive and affirmative attitude in this regard. Do well to aim for the best. This is due to the fact that when other musicians are convinced of your success prospects in the industry, they will begin to think of joining your stream. You can’t afford to wait until you get a complete band at once. It may not happen!


This is one area that you will need to pay maximum attention to. Certain offices would need to be created like the book-keeper, image coordinator, the director, the public relations, facilitators, hospitality crew and others whose services would prove to be all-essential to the progress, popularity and expansion of your student band.

In Conclusion

To take the leading role or become a member of a popular student band is very well within the realm of possibilities. Starting on campus gives you a rare opportunity of meeting and finding a rich consortium of contemporaries who have a big flair for a particular genre of music. Certain guides that have been touched upon in the above paragraphs are quite necessary. Taking to these points into consideration may enable you to come about a popular student band in no time.

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