Why You Need to Sing to Your Audience

sing to your audience

Mark Bosnian is back to let Making Music and our readers know how important it is to sing to your audience. This comes from his previous article about The Top Ten Tips for a Better Performance. The most basic of tips that – believe it or not – many people don’t do. Whenever on stage, giving a speech, or singing, you need to make eye contact. This isn’t just staring at one person but scanning the room and drawing each listener in. There is a rhythm to this that will get the most out of your audience. Remember, your voice goes where your eyes go.

Mark Bosnian is an award winning singer/songwriter and was voted into The Oregon Music Hall Of Fame in 2001. As a member of national acts Nu Shooz and Body & Soul, he toured the U.S. and sang on The NBC Today Show and The Pat Sajak Show. Mark Bosnian is a veteran voice teacher and is a widely recognized expert in the field of vocal performance. Mark has taught many notable singers including Courtney Love, Meredith Brooks, Linda Hornbuckle, Dan Reed, and 2012 American Idol semi-finalist Haley Johnsen. He regularly teaches at the prestigious Puget Sound Guitar Workshop music camp and gives workshops, classes, and one-on-one sessions in Portland, Or and online via FaceTime and Skype. Mark’s the author of the book Sing Free Now! 3 Steps To Power, Passion and Confidence and is the creator of the Sing Free Now! method of voice transformation.

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