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Thank you for all the info. I did not know I would need anything but an app. On my phone. Which by the way is a galaxy S2. Is there a free app. out there I can down load on my android phone that I can whistle into. And it
will write my notes for me. I am considered by musicians as a paradox.
I know nothing of music theory. And I
can not play any instrument. Though I
own a nice yamaha left hand guitar.
And I can’t carry a tune. I have been

told I am tone deaf. The paradox part is a few muaicians I used to know 20 years ago have moved away now. 4 that I know of. They have picked out my tunes to 4 different songs of mine as I sing them to them. They all have said I am a paradox because The songs I get come to me with melody and lyrics. They tell me I have a gift not only for lyrics for good songs but a gift called natural mwtering. And tgat what I TRY yo sing is musically corect. They say they wish they could fet in mt head and gear what I’m hearing. Truth is so do I. I don’t know that I hear actual musical notes. I actually strum on my guitar using no chords or notes. Then I drift into an experience of feeling. At that time nothing else matters. I am in. this space of emotion and feeling. And I. close my eyws and feel and live in the song. This mood comes over me. And I am all of this mood and thw mood is all of me. Whoever or whatever the spng is about. I am totally loving in it.The chorse thw lyrics the tune the rythem they all go together at tgw same time. Its not ab effort. It’s a living experience. I’ve written most of

considered by muaicians

I create most of my songs in anywher from 20 minutes to 1 hr. I have sat at the kitchen table or resturant table and. Used my hands as if pkaying a piano. And I just close my eyes and see feel ans live tgat song. Im not in my kitchen or bedroom . Im in thet experience. All of it. I live that love or pain or fear or loss or joy

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