How to Put Together an Effective Press Kit

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You will need an impressive electronic press kit (EPK) if you want to get media outlets and music lovers to notice you these days. Think of your EPK as your resume, with your bio, music samples, videos, and social media links working together to tell prospective promoters your story. But instead of flooding a promoter’s inbox with attachments and PDFs, you can put all the relevant information in one website.

Here’s how you can create a memorable press kit that will blow your rivals out of the water.

Choose the Right Software for Your EPK

The idea of putting together a press kit is daunting, especially if you’ve never done one before and don’t know what to include. Luckily, there are many software programs out there that can make this endeavor go more smoothly. You can purchase an EPK software, or you can use writing software like Microsoft Word or Open Office to create PDFs.

Another option is to use a website creator like Squarespace, Wix, or WordPress for your electronic press kit. It will take more time to set-up, but you have more options when it comes to customization and design.

You should include the following in your press kit:

  • High-res photos and videos
  • Links to your music
  • Band bio
  • Links to website and social media
  • Contact details
  • Testimonials and press quotes

Showcase Your Music

Once the software has been sorted and you have the basic structure of your press kit, it’s time to choose the music you want to showcase. Promoters will rarely listen to the whole album, so make sure the first few songs are your best and most popular.

You should also make sure that you use the highest quality audio. Your best bet is a 320kbps MP3. At the very least, choose a 256kpbs file. It’s still export quality so you should be fine.

Get Professional Looking Photos

The next thing you should do is select the photos that will capture your style and sound. As the name implies, your press kit is for the press, so don’t use blurry or low-res images that you just took using your smartphone. Invest in a professional photo shoot to ensure you have pictures that are worth promoting.

You should also include several photos of your shows. These will give media outlets a glimpse into your performance style and let them feel the energy of your music.

There should be a mix of vertical and horizontal photos in your EPK’s images section. These will come handy if the promoter wants a photo for a specific layout, like a flyer, poster, or article. Your images should be large and of the highest quality. A picture with a minimum pixel width of 600 and 300 dpi will be perfect.

Write Your Bio

Listeners will be wondering who you are, so your EPK should be able to give them that information. Your band’s bio is akin to an “elevator pitch.” It will provide you with that window of opportunity to sell your band and music.

Writing a bio is admittedly tricky, so this is another area where you should make an investment and hire a professional.

The bio should include essential details like background information on the band members, accomplishments, and latest releases. There should also be some distinct content that would make for exciting reading. For instance, back in their heyday, Guns N Roses fans were intrigued when they read about how lead singer Axl Rose was mugged when he first arrived in LA.

Some experts suggest having two bios, a short and long one. The former can be one paragraph long and could be used to sell your band to the press and other promoters. These people don’t have a lot of time, so they need something short and sweet.  The long bio can include more details of the band’s history, with more information that can be used for promotional purposes.

Add Music Videos

It’s a good idea to include music videos in your EPK. People are visual creatures, and you can catch their attention more easily with videos. They can also be shared and will provide the press multimedia content to add to their promos.

Music videos will require an investment that might not be feasible for bands that are just starting. Fortunately, you can use services like Fiverr to develop an affordable animated clip. Videos with shifting images or your song’s lyrics are also good options to consider. You can also use high-quality footage from your shows to convince media outlets to promote you or promoters to book you.

Include Relevant Links

Your press kit should have all the details that a media outlet or promoter needs to advertise your band. Whether you’re using a PDF or a dedicated website, make sure it includes links to your official site, social media accounts, videos, and stores that carry your music and merchandise.

While the people you’ll send your press kit typically won’t purchase your music (since this is a job for them), it’s still a good idea to list where your band’s work is available. It gives legitimacy to your group and will provide the promoters something to mention when they cover you.

You can also generate more buzz by including links to publications that have featured your band. For instance, if a company or blog included your music in one of their top 10 lists, then a link to the article won’t go amiss.

Add Contact Details

Lastly, your electronic press kit should have your contact details or that of your agent. There might be instances when a promoter or media outlet receives your EPK from someone other than you or your representative. They won’t know how to reach you if your contact information is missing, and that’s an opportunity wasted.

Make it easier for the relevant people to get in touch with you. Include your email address on your contact page. If you’re comfortable enough, you can even share your phone number.

An electronic press kit is vital to getting positive press and more bookings for your band. A well-crafted and creative EPK can push your career to new heights!

Lydia Lee is a fashion blogger. She works at a Tech company and writes as a freelancer for several fashion magazines both local and international. She has a pet terrier named Fugui.

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