8 Benefits of Launching a Podcast for Musicians


It seems like it’s never been so difficult to make a name for yourself in the music industry as it is in the current market situation. Many aspiring musicians can’t seem to get in touch with the right audience or reach out to a wider circle of listeners. However, how many musicians use all the tools necessary to get that prize? Podcasts are mediums that some musicians don’t take into consideration, yet research indicates that some 42 percent of the American audience listens to podcasts. This trend is growing so fast that even large publishers, like Sony, decided to use a podcast for their releases.

So what’s there to gain from podcasts? Here are eight benefits of podcasts for musicians.

International Audience

There are no borders in podcasting. People from all over the world could tune in and enjoy your work. Actually, podcasting is so popular across the globe that there are currently podcasts in over a hundred different languages. Since music is the universal language, as a musician you should consider the potential of such a large world-spread community.


Feedback is essential for the artist. The audience is the only jury that matters and what they think or say about your work can determine your future in the industry. Podcasts allow you to play your work and hear what the audience has to say about it. It can serve as a guideline so you know what parts of your work need improvement. Feedback is also a great marketing tool with all sorts of benefits, one of them being that other people would read the feedback and raise an interest in you.

Distribution Channel

It costs a lot to sell CD’s, the production and logistics alone are too much of investment for anyone who’s just looking for a break. Podcasts allow musicians to sell their music more easily and with no expenses because the audience would simply download the material. Studies confirm these claims indicating that popular platforms like iTunes and other similar streaming services provide a substantial monetization potential.

Cooperation with Other Musicians

There’s a community of podcasters out there, and they often work together in order to promote their work or support a certain cause. There is also the option to have a more influential guest host on your podcast and have a show together to attract some new followers. Exchanging your work and promoting other musicians’ work is also a positive form of cooperation that podcasts allow.

Create a Fan Base

There’s nothing like a group of loyal followers to spread your name all over the world. Podcasts allow you to interact with your audience and create a bond that will keep you close. Fans appreciate interaction and attention which they return by sharing your content and expanding your reach. The more new people hear about you the higher the odds that you’ll gain new regular listeners.  

Send Demo Material Easier

If you ever tried to pass a demo CD to a producer than you know what kinds of horrors one has to go through in order to get five minutes of time. With a podcast, there is always a chance to send your work via email. In addition to your work, you could create a mailing list and send regular updates about your future gigs.

Easy Access for Audience

Social networks are a good way to announce your latest events, however, the question lies who will see your announcement. Podcasts allow you to speak directly to those who are most loyal to your efforts. This way you can engage your audience to share your content with their friends and families and cover a larger crowd. The best part is that you get all that reach for free.

Job Potential

We already stated that the podcast audience represents a significant part of the online community. This makes chances to be heard by a club manager or a producer increasingly more realistic. Who has the time to listen to bands auditioning all the time? Podcasts allow club owners and managers to listen to what musicians play on their podcasts and provide a direct means of communication. Furthermore, with a large crowd of followers, club managers would love to have you announced a gig at their place to an army of listeners.  


Every aspiring new musician should consider podcasting as a method of reaching out to their audience. There’s an abundance of other benefits that podcasts bring to the table, however, these are the ones that carry the most value. Share your art to expand your reach, meet potential partners, and feel the beat of your audience.

Serena Dorf is a social media savvy content writer at EssayOnTime. She is passionate about writing, personal development, marketing, and language learning. In her free time, she is reading classic American literature and learning Swedish. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter.

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