Easy Tricks for Learning Piano Keys

piano keys

When first learning piano, it can be hard to remember which note is what without the help of stickers or other learning tools. Knowing the names of the keys is an important when progressing at the piano. Luckily, there are some easy ways to remember which key is which. Grace Lam from Artiden has some, “Easy Tricks for Learning the Keys.

An easy way to read the keys of a piano is to find the D first.

  • The piano’s black keys form a pattern: set of 3, set of 2, set of 3, etc.
  • Find any set of two black keys; the white key in the centre is a D.
  • From the D run through the alphabet to G with the white keys only.
    • The next white key is E, then F, etc. You’ll know that A comes after G, so you can repeat the alphabet.

I like that Grace starts with recognizing the “D” key. It is the easiest key to find on the piano as it sits right between the set of two black keys. Once you know where the “D” key is, you can then go through the alphabet, until you reach “G” which is followed by “A” to continue learning the white keys, as Grace mentions.

Another note that you should try to remember is “middle C.” This is the most common note used for beginning players, and is a common starting point in method books. This is the key directly to the left of the set of two black keys in the middle of the piano; it is also the white key to the left of the “D” key in the middle of the piano.

Grace is a pianist who helps people create a smarter practice routine using psychology techniques. Her blog, Artiden, features her personal experiences as well as lessons in leadership and musicianship. To read Grace’s whole article on learning the piano keys, visit http://artiden.com/simple-key-reading-101/.

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