MakingMusicMag/NAMM 2019 Product Spotlight: SYOS Mouthpieces

SYOS Mouthieces

SYOS stands for Shape Your Own Sound. The technology and the science behind their mouthpieces have been developed as a result of many years of research in acoustics. A mouthpiece that helps the musician to get the sound he or she desires more easily means more freedom when playing.

From France, SYOS mouthpieces were born at IRCAM, the worldwide reference in terms of research on music and sound technologies. For wind instruments, it’s the internal geometry of the bore that gives all the acoustic properties. SYOS works at 1/100th millimeter to adjust the shape and the length of the baffle, the chamber section and size, the tip opening, the facing length… “We study and compute the effect of all these parameters on the sound, to predict the timbre of each combination of the instruments.” says Maxime Carrion, Director of R&D at SYOS. “SYOS uses ABS plastic to craft their mouthpieces: this material allows for the highest degree of precision, with an improved resistance and durability. They are available in eighteen colors to compliment your performance style!”


Chuck Schiele is an award-winning musician, producer, editorialist, artist, activist and music fan. He still plays every day.

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