Making Music Mag/NAMM 2018 Product Spotlight: MXL: Dynamic and Condenser Microphones

Making Music Mag/NAMM 2018 Product Spotlight: MXL Dynamic and Condenser Microphones

This year at NAMM 2018, MXL introduced new dynamic microphones right along with new condenser microphones— along with updates and advancements on their classics.

The new MXL POP LSM-9 is a brightly-colored dynamic vocal mic, designed to give on-stage performers an eye-catching handheld microphone that cancels vibrations and minimizes handling noise for a clean, clear performance. The POP LSM-9 will be offered in four bright colors: blue, magenta, yellow, and green.

The MXL POP LSM-9 features a super cardioid polar pattern to deliver a strong vocal presence while also negating feedback, and its low handling-noise makes it great for high-energy stage performers. Durable, all-metal construction ensures that the POP LSM-9 will withstand the rigors of nightly use.

MXL is also making advancements on some of their classics. Jackson root explains what’s happening with these condenser microphone prototypes.

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