10 Life Hacks to Make Your Band Popular

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If we take a look at the entertainment industry of today, it seems as if artists have easier time creating music than promoting it. With the fast-paced technological development and the accessibility of resources to work with music, such as learning materials, instruments, music gear, recording equipment, etc., in the past decade the world has witnessed the rise of countless artists who have managed to burst onto the scene without the assistance of big production companies. What is the X factor which helped them reach fame? What is the secret of their pizzazz?

Eccentric Appearance

It is always the weird stuff that gets everybody’s attention. It is simple, really: hairstyle, makeup, clothing, masks – it doesn’t matter! As long as it is out of the ordinary, it’ll help put your band on the map. Think about it: how many people would be able to resist watching a performance by Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Die Antwoord, KISS, Rammstein and many, many more.Heck, the whole subgenre of glam metal is based on flashy and eccentric look. And let’s not forget the singer who brought eccentric back, the queen of the weird – Lady Gaga.

Shock the public

There are bands who’ve achieved fame strictly by doing outrageous things. Take the Sex Pistols as an example. We are not saying that their music is not great, but what transformed the Sex Pistols from another edgy punk band to a cultural phenomenon that caused mayhem and the biggest moral-panic in recent history is not their music, but the controversy surrounding them – from songs being banned and defying the authorities, to murder accusations, drug abuse, death, etc.

Shoot a Video

The simplest of them all. There is probably not a better way for public exposure than shooting a video for a song of yours. And, no, you need neither money nor fancy equipment to shoot a great and memorable video. Remember OK Go and their Here it Goes Again? With a low-budget camera, random background, 4 treadmills and a goofy choreography, these guys made history.

Collaborate with a Famous Person

It is the epitome of the proverbial “you scratch my back, I scratch yours”.Now, before you start finding ways to nag your favorite artist, the idea is different – find a moderately famous person and ask them for a collaboration with mutual interest. It might be a local fashion model on the rise, a fellow musician, a social-media persona that you might know or maybe even the most popular kid in your school. One party gets public exposure, while the other slipstreams from behind.

Ask Musical Authorities to Promote You

If you feel confident about your music and need promotion, don’t be shy to pitch your music to local radio stations, televisions, lifestyle-magazine websites, etc. More often than not, these media have section for art and culture, so there’s always a chance to get featured in some of their articles. The sad fact about the scene nowadays is that people do not bother to search for good music and would rather listen to whatever musical authorities recommend.

No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

Many bands use the tactic of swarming the Internet with random and unrelated content which, in its turn, generates both positive and negative publicity. Daily vlogs, personal activity on social media and even swarming forums with overwhelming claims such as “The Best Band Ever” – some find this amusing, other find it annoying. It is the typical effect of the so-called “Trevor’s Axiom” (look it up). It’s all about media presence!

The “Badass” Style

The “badass” style dates all the way back to the romanticism, but the ’60 popularized the image of the lone wolf, the recluse, the rebel without a cause, and the hype-train of the “bad boys” is raging ever since. This trick is especially potent with teenagers, since younger people tend to connect with the rebellious image of their idols. Just, for your sake, try not to overdo it.

Professional PR

Yes, obviously, but not the kind that you thought of. If you want your band’s name to be heard, you could always turn to the marketing professionals of the modern age on the Internet. Being a guest in a talk show, performing on TV, radio-interviews and whatnot – they are all things ofthe past. There is a new, reliable and efficient professional PR on the Internet, in the form of content marketing, paid media, social-network marketing, etc.What do you think, how did the Artic Monkeys launch their professional career?

Friendly Fanbase

It’s surprising how being friendly with fans generates a huge amount of popularity. It shows a rather unknown, humble and humane side of fame, and fans react to it quite eagerly. After all, who doesn’t want to be friends with people they admire? And the popularity of your bandmakes no difference – you could attract popularity by being friendly even with as little as 10 fans. Learn from Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine.

Gimmick Performance

Last but not least, you can use the good old musical gimmicks. They won’t compromise your reputation, do not affect the image of the band on the long run, but create a huge buzz. And it doesn’t need to be something major. For instance, Johnny Cash performed at San Quentin State Prison.Gorillaz never appear in person and use holograms for live performances and CGI for their videos.Rammstein are famous for their elaborate firework shows. It is the small things that distinguish these artists from the rest.

Have you ever tried some of these tricks? Fear not – there are always a few more things you can do to launch your band towards the stars.

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