How to Learn Note Names Easily

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When first learning piano, or any instrument for that matter, you want to learn the names of the notes on the staff. Knowing the note names will allow you to further your skills with music theory, sight reading, analysis, and so on. Grace Lam at Artiden has some great tips on how to learn note names from the very beginning.

Quick Mnemonics

These little phrases will save you lots of time: there is a different mnemonic for every type of note, which begin at the bottom and move upwards…

Treble Clef

Line 2 is the G-Line: any note on that line, surrounded by the large loop, is a G. From there, you can go up one step to A or down to G, and onwards.

  • Space Notes: FACE
  • Line Notes: Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

Bass Clef

Line 4 is the F-Line: any note on that line, in between the two dots, is an F. Remember this and you can go higher or lower.

  • Space Notes: All Cows Eat Grass
  • Line Notes: Grizzly Bears Dig For Ants / Good Birds Don’t Fly Away”

These mnemonics that Grace mentions are a fantastic way to remember the lines and spaces on each staff. Teachers may use different phrases; my teacher, for example, used Every Good Boy Does Fine for the treble clef and Good Boys Do Fine Always for bass clef. Choose one that you will easily remember and, if you want, go ahead and make up your own!

Grace is a pianist who helps people create a smarter practice routine using psychology techniques. Her blog, Artiden, features her personal experiences as well as lessons in leadership and musicianship. To read her full article on learning note names, visit the original article here:

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