National Hug a Musician Day!

November 13 is National Hug a Musician Day according to the folks at National Today, the internet’s #1 authority on all holidays throughout the year. So if you know a musician who spends hours a day practicing and hours a night playing at bars, clubs, and concerts, envelop them in a big ol’ loving hug and let them know they’re appreciated.

To celebrate this day, National Today suggests some activities to help you celebrate National Hug A Musician Day:

  1. Go to a show. If your musician friend is constantly inviting you to their gigs, now is the time to go. We know schedules get in the way, and they want to attend conflicts with the desire to stay home. But we promise you that not only will you actually enjoy yourself, but your musician friend will be incredibly grateful to see you there!
  2. Share music with friends. Nothing helps your musician friend more than sharing their music with people who would really enjoy it. Word of mouth is still the most effective form of advertising. So help them follow their dreams by recruiting them some new fans.
  3. Give them a good ole squeeze. Being a musician is hard. Not only are there more musicians in the world than there are gigs, but not every show you get will be your favorite. Sometimes, at the end of the day, musicians just need a well-meaning, stress-relieving hug.

Put it on your calendar!

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