Hello from Tom!

Greetings fellow musicians and music lovers!

My name is Tom Wanamaker and I am the new Managing Editor here at MakingMusicMag.com. I am both a writer/editor and a musician, so perhaps I’ve finally found my niche!

As a journalist, my experience is considerable. I have written for and edited a plethora of daily, weekly and monthly publications in both Upstate New York and Central Virginia, and have covered a wide variety of beats, including financial services, American Indian affairs, professional soccer, New York State government, and a whole lot more. At some point or another, I’ve done every job there is in a newsroom, from data entry to reporting, and from opinion columnist to executive editor in charge of 15 weekly newspapers.

My musical background is equally diverse; I’ve performed solo and with ensembles/bands of various sizes in and around both Syracuse, NY and Charlottesville, VA. I play, with varying degrees of proficiency, guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass guitar, tenor guitar and charango. I come from a family of musicians; indeed, music is a strong and highly important part of my life – so much so that I cannot imagine a world without music! (No – I don’t even want to think about that!)

My goal here at MakingMusicMag.com is to continue to offer our readers up-to-date and relevant information on any and all instructional and instrumentational resources to help us all continue to make music!


Tom is the Managing Editor here at MakingMusicMag.com. He has worked as an editor/writer for more than two decades and plays several musical instruments with varying degrees of proficiency.

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