Did You Know? Yamaha Corporation


When Torakusu Yamaha repaired a broken reed organ back in 1887 and then successfully built one of his own, the Yamaha story began. Ten years later, Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd. was established (today’s Yamaha Corporation).

Yamaha began to produce upright pianos in 1900. In 1958, the company established its first overseas subsidiary in Mexico. The following year, they began to produce electric organs.

The Yamaha International Corporation (today’s Yamaha Corporation of America) was established in 1960. Within the next couple years, the company began their recreation business and three years after that started producing wind instruments.

To mark 100 years in business, in 1987 the company changed their name to the Yamaha Corporation.

In 2012, the company completed the integration of Japanese wind instrument factories to Toyooka during their 125th year in business. The following year, Yamaha Music Japan Co. Ltd. was established.

To view the entire history timeline, visit Yamaha’s website.

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