How to Create a Crowdfunding Campaign Using a Template


If you’re looking at crowdfunding your next album project, you can now use Bandzoogle’s new crowdfunding template to easily create a crowdfunding campaign through your own website.

Using their template, you can set up album pre-orders, bundle your digital music with physical items like CDs or vinyl, and sell custom merch or experiences for fans.

Any pledges from your fans during a campaign are commission-free. Funds through Bandzoogle are processed through Stripe or PayPal and go directly from your fan’s account into your account, without delay.

Here’s what you can do with the template:

Add an intro video

When you launch a crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to introduce the project to your fans. You can add a video with a simple link from YouTube or Vimeo, as well as add some text to give your fans details about the campaign.

Set up an album pre-order

With any album crowdfunding project, it’s a good idea to give your fans the option to simply pre-order the digital version of your album.

Using Bandzoogle’s Album feature, you can take pre-orders and your fans will automatically get the album download by email on the day it’s released.

Offer CDs and vinyl

Next you’ll want to bundle the digital version of your album with physical formats like CD or vinyl. You can also create special editions like signed copies, or charge a premium to include the fan’s name in the liner notes.

Note: When using Bandzoogle’s Pro plan, album pre-order sales are reported to SoundScan on the day the music is released. SoundScan is the company that powers the Billboard charts.

Create custom merch bundles and experiences

For your biggest fans, you’ll want to offer unique items and experiences. With the built-in Store feature, you can offer things like signed lyric sheets, limited edition merch, and even instruments or gear that was used during the recording.

You can also sell experiences like house concerts, custom songs, online shows, and more. Make these even more exclusive buy limiting the available quantities for each.

Traditionally, all items offered during crowdfunding campaigns have a set price. But you can also set up a “donation” item where fans can simply send you any amount they want to support your project.


Your fans might have some questions before they part with their hard-earned money to support your crowdfunding campaign. Be proactive by adding a FAQs section on the page to address some common concerns.

Things like your goals for the project, what the release date is, when items will be shipped/fulfilled, and how fans can get in touch with you.

Stay in touch with your supporters

It’s extremely important to stay in touch with fans during your crowdfunding campaign. Let them know how the campaign is going, what phase the project is at, and any other progress.

You can do this by using the Blog feature on the crowdfunding page, which is a great way to publicly display the progress of your campaign.

Using Bandzoogle’s built-in mailing list tool, you can also collect email addresses on your crowdfunding page. These can be automatically added to a specific mail group that’s just for your crowdfunding campaign updates.

If you’re new to Bandzoogle, you can choose the crowdfunding page template when first building your site. If you’re already a Bandzoogle member, you can simply add a new page, then select the crowdfunding page type.

All of the features on the crowdfunding template are customizable, and can of course be moved, edited, or removed.

Check out all of the crowdfunding page options in this video walkthrough:

And remember that crowdfunding is all about engaging with your superfans. Be sure to focus on offering unique rewards, and communicating with your fans, and you should be able to reach your goals!

Dave Cool (yes, that’s his real name) is the Director of Artist & Industry Outreach at Bandzoogle. He has spoken at dozens of music conferences including SXSW, Canadian Music Week, and ASCAP EXPO and has been interviewed by The Economist, Newsweek International,, and the Financial Post for his insights on the music industry.

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