Classical Repertoire That Appeals to Teens

classical repertoire

Calling all teens and teachers of teenagers! Do you want some classical music for your students or yourself, but are unsure what would be the best option? It can be difficult finding classical repertoire that is fun and appealing to teens, while still providing good learning opportunities for technique building. Fortunately, Leila Viss of 88 Piano Keys has provided a list of her top choices of, “Classical Repertoire that Appeals to Teens.

From the Classics


“Sonatina Op 36 No 1” by Clementi


“Ballade” by Burgmueller


“Nocturne” in Em by Chopin

These songs provide great technical learning opportunities while still having fun repertoire to practice. It is important to keep in mind that every student is different and will have a different taste in music. Have them try out a couple different pieces and you are sure to find one that provides a great learning opportunity along with an entertaining practice session.

Leila Viss owns a tech-savvy, creative-based piano studio, blogs at and authored The iPad Piano Studio. Viss is an organist, a nationally-recognized clinician, co-founder of 88 Creative Keys with Bradley Sowash and coordinator of the Piano Preparatory Program at the University of Denver. To view Leila’s full list of classical repertoire suggestions for teen, please visit

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