7 Tips to Become a Successful Music Influencer

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You want to become a successful music influencer? Good for you, but be prepared to invest some serious time and effort into this project! Becoming a social influencer is not easy, particularly in such a versatile field like music where you get to face hundreds of different genres.

However, it’s definitely worth it as even micro-influencers can earn a few thousand dollars per post these days. It’s a rewarding occupation that can get you tons of money and followers in the case that you prepare for it thoroughly.

If you are a genuine music enthusiast, it won’t be a problem for you to dedicate completely to this process. After all, there are some highly practical tactics to use here and we will show you seven indispensable tips to become a renowned music influencer.

Think and Breathe Music

Before you start thinking about the content strategy, you need to immerse yourself into music 100%. You have to think, breathe, and live music. What does that mean?

First of all, it means listening to lots of music every day. You can’t be an influencer if you don’t follow the latest music trends and don’t listen to new releases. Secondly, try to read music-related news, articles, and magazines whenever possible. It’s not only a way to learn something new, but also an opportunity to research your biggest competitors.

Besides that, you need to narrow down your focus and concentrate on a few closely related genres. It’s impossible to cover everything from classical music to rock and roll, so you better find a niche that suits your preferences, experience, and knowledge.

Design a Content Strategy

Now that you’ve got the first phase covered, it is time to concentrate on content strategy. There are all sorts of approaches to consider here, so you need to think it through carefully and choose the best-performing mechanisms. Some of the most common content types include:

  • Blog posts: This is the basic content feature because the audience expects influencers to discuss relevant music-related topics.
  • Photography: Visual elements are another fundamental component of your content strategy since posts with images get almost 100% more views than those without any photos. A typical follower always wants you to show concert photos along with textual content.
  • Interviews: Publishing interviews with musicians and producers is a great way to attract more fans to your pages.
  • Music analysis: Of course, influencers have to establish themselves as an industry thought leaders and write in-depth music analyses every once in a while.
  • How To posts: A “How To” section is the place where you can publish guides and manuals on how to play an instrument, find the best albums, analyze songs, and so on.

Write About Music

This segment of content creation deserves a special place on our list because it’s critical to the success of your strategy. The most important thing is to take the job seriously and maintain the highest level of quality article after article. How can you do it?

One way is to create a unique style of writing. While you have to add a lot of facts to support your statements, you also need to let your imagination flourish and use freestyle writing in order to craft amazing posts.

Music fans love long-form content, while studies prove that the ideal length of a blog post amounts to 1.6 thousand words. However, you don’t want to write huge bulks of text but rather divide it into smaller paragraphs to improve the readability of your articles.

Choose the Right Channels

The next step in the process of becoming a music influencer is to choose the right channels of promotion. It all begins with a website, which means you need to craft an eye-pleasing site that showcases your work.

Social networks are inevitable, too. We are not saying you should use every platform available out there, but Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are pretty much irreplaceable. The three channels gather over two billion active members. In other words, they grant you access to almost one-third of the global population.

Jason Connors, a digital marketer at UK Careers Booster, reminds us that the three platforms require a totally different approach: “Influencers have to rearrange content so as to fit the requirements of each network individually. It’s a lot of work for an average influencer, so don’t waste time creating accounts on other platforms unless the audience really demands it.”

Take Photos and Tag People

We mentioned the importance of taking photos already, but we would like to explain it more comprehensively. You can write excellent posts, but nothing can replace images if you are trying to describe people’s emotions during live events.

At the same time, it also gives you the opportunity to tag those involved. It’s a great opportunity to grow the popularity of your website and social media channels because people tend to share tagged photos. With a little bit of luck, you will earn thousands of new followers very soon.

Collaborate with Other Influencers

Although being competitors, music influencers often support each other because it helps each party to raise awareness and earn more followers in the long run. You don’t have to collaborate with direct rivals, but you can establish partnerships with influencers who follow a complementary niche or topic. It’s a win-win situation because each influencer gets to approach a brand new audience group. Of course, you can also learn how other influencers think and perhaps even gain inspiration for new content ideas.


Consistency is the last item on our list, but it’s definitely not the least important. Influencers have to maintain the same level of activities week after week if they want to keep the audience engaged and interested in their posts.

This is why we suggest you create a content calendar. Using simple tools like Google Calendar, you can schedule new posts and set reminders for events, meetings, interviews, and all other activities. Doing so, you can prepare well in advance, follow the schedule, and evoke the feeling of curiosity and anticipation among fans.


Becoming a music influencer is a challenging and time-consuming process, but it is also highly rewarding if you handle it properly. The whole project becomes much easier with the tips we described above, so make sure to use them and boost your influencer aspirations.

Scott Mathews is a songwriter and music instructor at Nerdywriters. He is also a content writer at Easy-essay.org.

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