2017 NAMM Show

The 2017 NAMM show was, once again, 4 non-stop days of overwhelming, informative fun for musicians, gear-geeks and the global business of music gear. Man, we saw a lot of gear. Imagine most every music manufacturer on the planet showing up to the same gig. From microphones to new-fangled cajons, to guitars, guitars, guitars, symphonic instruments, percussion, accessories, educational developments, a city of pianos and even instruments that are seemingly impossible to pronounce.

Our interests at Making Music are to network and foster new relationships with those in the music industry who keep music as a priority in their personal and professional lives. With these relationships, we can bring the very best and the very latest to you— the Making Music community.

In that networking scenario, one tends to see a lot of people. The people-watching is always its own show including some pretty well-known and highly-regarded musicians lurking about the premises. We discovered quite a few new artists, as well, playing in many of the exhibitor booths demonstrating wares of all kinds. That’s pretty cool when you’re checking out, say….  a device that amplifies your guitar by attaching the device to your guitar; and then listening to someone demonstrate that technology through a personal performance, right there at the booth. And then while you’re checking all this out, somebody politely says, “Excuse me,” as they navigates the crowd flowing by… and you realize it was say… Albert Lee or Stevie Wonder. And of course, all the hotels surrounding the convention campus feature music until the wee hours, as well. In my case, I even managed to catch up with music pals from all over.
Needless to say, all of the gear and the talent is exciting, and so,  we want to share it with you!

Take a gallery tour of the show and check out some of the new products; and the NAMM culture for yourself.

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A few snippets from some of the performances we saw around the 2017 NAMM Show.

Chuck Schiele is an award-winning musician, producer, editorialist, artist, activist and music fan. He still plays every day.

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