Chamber Music Anyone?

The weekend of March 5-6, 2016 will see musicians around the world gathering to take part in the 2016 Worldwide Chamber Music Play-In, a tradition begun in the 1960s by the nonprofit Association of Amateur Chamber Music Players (ACMP). Small groups of chamber music enthusiasts—professional and amateur, beginner and experienced players of all ages—will gather almost anywhere (venues, living rooms, libraries, and parks, and more) for a simultaneous expression of the joy of music.

These Play-In celebrations began as an organized homage to ACMP’s founding secretary, Helen Rice. For decades ACMP members hosted their own play-ins. Then, in 2013, the organization revived the tradition as a worldwide, coordinated event that included at least 50 play-ins held around the globe. Last year’s celebration comprised more than 100 events, including those held at a mall in Boston; a hotel lobby in Shizouka, Japan; a Tel Aviv hospital; and many other locations.

Sound like fun? It’s easy to join in this year’s Worldwide Chamber Music Play-In. Visit the ACMP Worldwide Play-In Weekend Facebook Page to see if there is an event near you that you can participate in. Otherwise, follow these four simple steps to start your own:

  • Pick a place. Any place will do: a home, school, workplace, mall, place of worship, or community center. Start thinking about it now.
  • Invite players. Call someone new. Send an e-mail to players you know and ask them to invite friends. You can also find people in an ACMP directory. Be inclusive. Post your event on the ACMP Worldwide Play-In Weekend Facebook Page and create your own local Facebook event.
  • Welcome new people. Gather listeners or play privately. Share food. Have fun.

There is no official sign-up, but you can let ACMP know what you’re up to by posting photos, videos, and highlights to Facebook and Twitter (@ACMPmusic) or e-mailing them to ACMP. For more resources and tips for organizing an event visit the ACMP Worldwide Play-In Weekend website. You can e-mail ACMP for additional help at

The goal of ACMP is to facilitate and expand opportunities to play chamber music for pleasure among musicians of all playing levels, worldwide. Since 1950, the organization has brought together thousands of musicians, fostering lifelong friendships and connecting a global community. ACMP’s affiliated Foundation has provided grants and awards totaling more than $4 million to support educational activities for amateur adult and student chamber music players.

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