Best Online Tips for Conductors

Tips for Conductors

Tips For Conductors

In the hands of a master, difficult things look effortless. This is especially true for music, and it’s especially true for conductors. But anyone who’s ever stood before an entire orchestra that’s waiting on your cue—whose fate is in your baton—knows it’s no easy task.

To show our appreciation for all the conductors out there, we’ve picked out some great resources to help hone conducting skills and confidence., The Fundamentals of Rehearsing Music: This course is a free online 8-week program taught through the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. The course includes lessons on ear training, conducting, rehearsal planning, and modeling.

Ten Stress Relief Tips for Band Directors: David Law, past president of the Iowa Bandmaster’s Association, reviews simple tips to help reduce your stress.

How to Motivate Orchestra Players: Check out these helpful tips on how to keep an ensemble working together and motivated toward reaching its goals.

Tips for Music Conductors: This video series reviews everything you need to know in order to become a great music conductor.


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