Musician Blogging 101: The Benefits of Music Blogging


Most indie musicians don’t know the real power of blogging. They feel that creating their music and getting it “out there” is enough to get noticed, but in reality, without a good platform, it is very hard to kickstart your career.

Blogging, on the other hand, is a great solution to this. There are numerous ways you can profit from it, so read on to find out the benefits of musician blogging.

Demonstrating Your Expertise

The first thing your blog will do is show your expertise in music. A good musician knows what instruments they use, what peculiarities different genres have, how to write a good song, and why some artists are popular and others are not. Writing about the different aspects of music and the music industry will prove that you are a professional and can not only give advice on different issues but also efficiently use this knowledge in your own work.

Reaching New Audiences

Blogs can be eye-openers for people who otherwise wouldn’t even know about your existence. When you publish your music on such platforms as Soundcloud or YouTube, you are reaching only a segment of your potential audience. Others are hanging around somewhere on the world wide web and your aim is to find them and get them involved in what you do. Your blog, when properly optimized for search engines, can attract all kinds of readers who may then become your listeners.

Boosting Your Website’s Search Rankings

To continue on the topic of search engine optimization or SEO, your blog can be a great addition to your website. It will increase the traffic to your site and boost its search rankings. This is very important if you want more people to discover you.

Stretching Your Writing Muscles

Regular contributions to your blog can really perfect your writing skills. You will notice that you are getting better with each article you write. Besides, new words that you look for and then start using in your articles can then be used in your songs to make them even more unique and creative. Additional vocabulary never hurt anyone.

Establishing Closer Connections With Fans

Last but not least, your blog can help you establish a much closer relationship with your fans. This is especially true if you decide to make your blog primarily dedicated to your personal journey in the music world rather than writing about whatever topic that is connected to the music industry. Of course, you can combine both of these aspects and get double results: appeal to random readers and connect with your fans.


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