Andreas Eastman VB105 bass

Andreas Eastman Model 105 basses are a great balance of superior tone and stability. With a fully carved top and back and laminated ribs, Model 105 basses have a rich and powerful sound with enhanced stability. Each bass is finished with a hand-applied, shaded, antique-style varnish. These basses are great for touring musicians and school […]

playing well

Playing Well with Dr. Kertz: Ergonomics for Bass Players

In this month’s video column of “Playing Well with Dr. Randall Kertz,” Dr. Kertz discusses and demonstrates the ergonomics of staying healthy as a bass player. This includes looking at common problems bassists face in their hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, etc. You can find more on this topic in Dr. Kertz’s book, “The Bassist’s Guide […]

The Not-Doings of an Insomniac: Partita for Double Bass and Poetry Reader

The Not-Doings of an Insomniac —Partita for Solo Double Bass with spoken texts — composed by Philip Glass, was premiered by Robert Black at the International Society of Bassist Convention at the Griffin Concert Hall in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Not-Doings of an Insomniac developed as a result of Glass’s frequent travels to unfamiliar cities […]

Bass Aerobics

Perfect for beginning to advanced players, this book with online audio access by world-renowned bassist and educator Jon Liebman provides a 52-week, one-exercise-per-week workout program for developing, improving and maintaining bass guitar technique. Liebman teaches chromatics, scales and arpeggios, string-crossing and advanced patterns, slapping and popping, and more – all in styles ranging from rock, […]