How to Create Hard-Working Songwriting Habits

songwriting habits

A lot of people think that songwriting is a hundred percent talent and zero percent hard work. They could not be farther from the truth. Songwriting, like every other skill in life, requires a very high level of hard work and diligence in order for excellence and mastery to be achieved. The best songwriters have discovered this truth and it has built in them certain habits. Here are some of those hardworking songwriting habits that will put you in the same league with great songwriters.

Create a schedule that involves writing

Growth in anything is an intentional process most of the time. Just like you have a fixed time for the gym or for an online class, to become a master songwriter you must draft songwriting into your everyday schedule. Most times, people think it’s okay to just write when they feel like it. However, just like going to the gym when you feel like it won’t give you the required effect on your body, songwriting when you feel like it won’t help you achieve mastery.

Understand your creativity

Creativity is a big part of songwriting and like all kinds of writing, there are times when songwriting can be boring, dull and very miserable. Then there are times when it’s all fun. Great songwriters have developed the habit of knowing what triggers their great times in writing and what causes or leads to bad times. They, therefore, know how to get out of a creative mess and how to schedule their writings to meet their creative best. You should learn to do the same.


Setting goals and keeping to them is a lot easier when there is an accountability partner who helps to keep you on track. Show your schedules and goals to a friend and tell them to ensure that you keep to the schedule. You can easily achieve success in anything you do when you have a support system comprising friends who want to see you succeed and will help contribute to it.

Don’t overthink

Overthinking is a weakness of most songwriters and even other kinds of writers. This is one of the defining lines between the greats and the ordinary ones. The greats have learned not to think about it too hard or for too long. Just write as you feel and flow and, in the end, see how it turns out. Overthinking also begins to make things complicated and many songwriters have all emphasized that it is always best to keep it simple. Furthermore, overthinking is why a lot of new and learning songwriters procrastinate writing. They think about it for too long and they eventually find out that they don’t have the time to actually write it.

Be kind to yourself

Many songwriters are their own biggest critic. While this is not a bad trait and should even be encouraged if you want to be the best, it also does your songwriting a whole lot of good if you’re kind to your works and your skills.

Learn to take breaks

This is a very important habit that you must cultivate as a songwriter. Learn to rest and let the head cool off. Many young songwriters burn off early or have serious health issues that ruin their careers because they did not learn how to stop for a while and just have a drink or take a break. After all, the old saying is ever true that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Keep the right company

Great songwriters have the habit of being among great songwriters. If you want to be a great songwriter, you should be among them and learn tricks, skills, and patterns from them. You can learn other hardworking habits from them too. You must remember that your company has a lot to do in making you.


Songwriting is a creative thing but only creativity will not bring excellence. You must match creativity with hard work. With these habits, you are primed for success in this field.

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Hello, nice piece of article. If I may add the following tips to better and effective songwriting habits.

1. Creating a schedule would be very hard for most. Songwriting is already hard in itself, don’t make your life harder by trying to find time. Make time and do it in short but frequent moments.

2. Don’t try to achieve perfect but strive for excellence. Most songwriters want to try and make a hit. Perfection is like a dead-end and more like an impossibility.

Anyway, I wrote an in-depth article on this topic and covered 13 highly effective songwriting habits to improve your songwriting skills.

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