Respectful Beats™ – Simple Drumming for Seniors™

Simple Drumming for Seniors™

simple drumming for seniors Respectful Beats™ – Simple Drumming for Seniors™ is an ebook showing you everything from basic hand drum technique to more challenging coordination ideas. At the end of Simple Drumming for Seniors™ you’ll be more coordinated, have better concentration and have confidence joining a community drum circle if you decide.   In addition to these benefits, you’ll find these lessons simple and fun.  You will learn easy rhythms and exercises you can do to increase circulation, coordination and concentration. It’s fun and in a large print for easy viewing. NO PRIOR DRUMMING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

Steve Benedetto is an author/drummer and owner of Respectful Beats - an interactive drumming business serving senior communities throughout New England. A drummer since the age of 10, Steve enjoys creating customized drumming programs for retirement homes and taking the mission online to extend his audience. He has also started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for drums for the elderly and currently resides outside of Boston.

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