Community Video: Sigulka – Black Storm

Sigulka is a heavy celtic rock band formed by musicians from different countries (Bulgaria, Spain, Chile) based in Madrid, Spain with extensive experience in all styles. Recently they have been awarded for the third time: Best Music Video with “Black Storm”, Best Rock Song with “On The Top Of The Mountain”, and Best Heavy Metal Album with “Symbols”. Sigulka was also nominated for Artist of the Year and The Akademia Executive Award from “The Akademia Music Awards” in Los Angeles, California.
Members of the band include Margarita Todorova (violin), Juan Acebo (lead guitar, lead vocals), Dan Magana (guitars, back vocals), Feodor Feodorov (Fredy) (bass, back vocals), and Cristian Velazquez (drums, back vocals).

You can follow the band on their website and YouTube channel.

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