Making Music Product Spotlight: G7th Capos

G7th capo

G7th Capos


G7th Capo: Newport















Safeguards your Tone & protects your neck

Wrap-around silicone rubber and internal bar features eliminate deadening of tone and avoid metal to wood contact on your guitar neck.

Faster and easier to use.

Easily fine-tune capo tension – in place on your guitar neck.

Lighter weight and lower profile

Low profile design keeps the Newport capo out of the way of your fretting hand.

The Newport capo’s flip lever design suits players who prefer to dial in the tension of their capo with an adjusting knob. It is particularly suited to instruments that are problematic to use with a capo, such as guitars with a high action and 12 string guitars.

New Compensated String Pad for 12 strings

Our Compensated String Pad allows you to fret all 12 strings at the same time and with the same tension by compensating for the different gauges of strings using carefully designed ridges in the string pad’s rubber.


Performance 2

G7th Capo: Performance 2















Unlike a simple spring capo, which can be loaded with up to twice the pressure needed on most guitars, the Performance 2 Capo give you unparalleled, intuitive control over the tension placed on your strings. This means significantly less tuning issues and slows fret wear caused by excessive force from lesser capos.

Unique Tension Control System™

Even pressure across the strings, and unlike simple spring capos, it maintains tuning integrity as you control the tension.

Fast and easy

Simple squeeze-on, squeeze-off action eliminates fiddly adjustments and allows for one handed placement.

Damage free

Silicon rubber pads eliminate metal to wood contact between the capo and your guitar neck.


Stores behind the nut or on the peghead for instant access, and suitable for acoustic guitars and electric guitars.

Small and sleek

Carefully designed for your guitar.

Award-winning quality

All G7th capos carry a Free Lifetime Warranty.



G7th Capo: Heritage
















A traditional yoke style guitar capo that you can store behind the nut on your instrument between songs. Popular because the force is exerted from the center of the neck, and because of the low profile.


The A.R.T. (Adaptive Radius Technology) system within the top bar of G7th Heritage capos adapts to the true radius of your neck, exerting completely even pressure across all the strings – setting a new standard of in-tune, buzz-free use. It gives you the maximum tuning stability with the minimum possible tension.

Protects your neck.

Inert silicone rubber neck pad and comprehensive side protection avoids metal to wood contact on your guitar neck.

Tone, tone and more tone.

Clean, crisp, warm, clear… Designed to safeguard the tone of your beloved instrument.

Now available for 12 strings

With our new Compensated String Pad for 12 strings coupled with the A.R.T., 12 string players can finally enjoy a truely magnificent capo experience.

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