Piano Lessons from Harry Connick, Jr.

harry connick

Now even beginners can take lessons from Harry Connick, Jr., The Grammy and Emmy Award winning musician has joined the team at Playground Sessions app-based piano instruction. Connick’s lessons will be available to anyone in the world beginning January 14. Playground Sessions, co-created by Quincy Jones, is an encouraging platform that simplifies the process of learning for all levels of students.

A strong proponent of music education, Connick has praised Playground Sessions for its ease and effectiveness in harnessing the positive power of the Internet. “Music changed my life in every way imaginable, and I’m honored to share my knowledge with a global audience and give back,” he says. “When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time by myself in the practice room, and I would have loved an app like Playground Sessions to be able to learn from professionals and to get a glimpse of their process.

To learn more about Playground Sessions visit: www.playgroundsessions.com.


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