Community Video: Ozonna – Wonderland


Ozonna is one of the most unique young pop artists to come out of London- he simply surpasses imitation. His presence is both bold and endearing, tough but tender. TheRogersRevue described his sultry voice as “Velvety smooth and Hypnotic” and Live Jam TV gushed that his “smooth, silky voice had no flaw,” as they watched a live performance.

“The London raised artist is catchy, quirky, eclectic and possesses the self-assuredness and self-assertiveness one tends to see (and hear) only in prodigies,” says Devon Jackson.

Growing up in the UK, after migrating from Nigeria, he discovered music, and the fusion of these two cultures will define him forever. His background has met with a long list of accomplishments, press, and fans, performing all through London opening for the likes of Chrystal Fighters, Kyla La Grange, We Have Band, and Alice Gold.

To learn more about Ozonna you can follow his Instagram.

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