Music Teacher Spends a lot of Money for his Students

Don’t we all wish we had teachers as charitable as Tim Wilson–a music teacher who spent a ton of money for his students. Tim works in Richmond, San Francisco to help young people who may not have access to musical instruments.

Tim wasn’t always a teacher. He was primary trumpet in the San Francisco Opera where he played for two decades. Sadly, he developed glaucoma and if he continued to play he would go blind. Needless to say he stopped playing and decided to try teaching.

Tim is grateful for discovering a non-profit organization called Little Kids Rock. They provided 30 free guitars for Tim and his students. Tim was happy to receive them, but wanted every student be able to bring home an instrument. So instead of waiting for the proper channels, he went ahead and just bought more.

“I’ll never get the resources these kids need by the time they are off to high school. That’s not fair to them.” Tim explains.

By his own estimate, Tim has spent anywhere from $50-$100,000 on music equipment! His pension from the Opera helps. It allows him to spend a majority of his teacher’s salary back on the kids. Sounds like a win-win.

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