Malvyn Lai: 9-year-old Piano Prodigy

Malvyn Lai

It isn’t rare for parents to make their child take piano lessons when they’re young, and it also isn’t out-of-this-world for a kid to ask their parents if they can take lessons. In most cases keeping a child interested in an instrument can be a struggle. However, for 9-year-old Malvyn Lai, things are a little different. He loves the piano and wants to grow up to be a concert pianist. Of course, being one of the most talented piano players at his age helps a lot.

He fell in love at age 4 listening to his sister at a music recital and asked his mother if he could play. She told him he was too young, but it was only a year later that he began taking lessons and discovered his natural talent.

“I just love piano and I don’t think about it; I just play,” said Malvyn Lai.  “I just move my fingers and it works.”

It doesn’t matter if it is Chopin or Beethoven, he can play it. Lai admits that Mozart is his favorite because how of it makes him feel.

Lai has already performed at Carnegie Hall five times and has received numerous awards as well. He even claims he is liking it more and more because he is improving and can play “more beautiful pieces” the better he gets.

He will perform with Temecula orchestra in April and will also travel to Moscow over the summer for a special performance.

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