MakingMusicMag/NAMM 2019 Product Spotlight: Rock-it Barre

Rock-It Barre

Rock-it Barre


Designed as a way to let many frustrated guitarists continue playing. Rock-It Barre was created to play guitar chords (and still allow for some fingering) for experienced guitarists who have developed arthritis; or for those who have a missing digit. There is nothing on the market that can do what this device can do. Even with arthritis, it still allows for movement and creativity!

You will be able play all major and minor chords right away. With the Advanced Method, you’ll be able to continue to extended chord variations, including: 6th, 7ths, major and minor 6ths and 7ths, as well as diminished and augmented chords.

Here’s a product that helps one to play guitar even if arthritis is a factor. Created as an alternate way to play guitar quicker, easier, and less painful, the Rock-iT Barre is amazingly versatile!  Here are just a few features:

  • Play guitar as a beginner or with arthritis
  • Only takes 1 hour to  start playing a full song
  • Eliminates finger soreness
  • Plays all major and minor  chords (plus more advanced)
  • Fits ANY guitar or ukulele
  • Easy enough for a child to use
  • Focus on learning guitar strums and picking
  • Arthritics and people with a missing finger can easily customize it.


Chuck Schiele is an award-winning musician, producer, editorialist, artist, activist and music fan. He still plays every day.

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