Eternal Vacation: 5 Jobs Connected to Music

Music performances from NAMM 2019

Art comes in many shapes and forms, but music is arguably the most important one of them all. While it’s difficult to pinpoint why that is, there is no denying that music has the power to inspire us emotionally and intellectually, and to breach all boundaries and reach millions of people. And, there is plenty of research which shows there are many benefits we receive from music. Obviously, the most direct way to enjoy music, besides listening to it, is to make it and play it in front of a live audience.

However, if that is not your cup of tea but you are still interested in music, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy it and make a living doing so, apart from actually playing it. Nowadays, music is a huge industry, which means there are lots of music-related jobs out there. Here are five most interesting ones.

Recording Engineer

Being a recording engineer is a complex profession, because it deals with the technical aspect of music. However, it is also one of the most satisfying ones, because you are right there on the spot, watching a single, EP, or an album come to life, with your help. According to Matthew Nolan, a writer and a marketer for Essay Shark as well as an amateur musician, recording engineers are usually tasked with recording and mixing, as well as mastering the recorded material.

Many recording engineers go on to become producers, which is incredibly satisfying on a whole different level, because they get to influence the artists themselves and provide input from a creative standpoint. But, being “just” a recording engineer is impressive enough, even though you might not get all the credit that you may deserve.

Music Journalist

Another music-related job which allows you to tap into your creativity is being a music journalist. While many music journalists’ ultimate dream is to write for Rolling Stone, there are plenty of other print and online publications you can work with. Also, you can start your own blog and write concert and album reviews or write pieces about your favourite artists. Another good idea would be to start covering music events and acts in your local area and doing interviews with them.

If this is something you aspire to, but your writing chops need a bit of work, you can reach out to places like Pro Essay Writing, which can help with anything from academic writing to music reviews.

Concert and Festival Organizer

This is a job where your management and organizational skills will be put to the test. Organizing a concert or a music festival requires you to book the artists, choose and book a venue, rent or buy music equipment and sound systems, and find people to put everything together, as well as hire security, sell tickets, advertise the event, and perhaps even oversee the creation and selling of merchandise. You must be a jack of all trades.

So why would you want to go through all that stress? Well, apart from seeing the whole thing take place thanks to your hard work and getting paid for it, you will also get a chance to watch all the gigs for free and meet the artists in person.

Music Teacher

If you feel like touring and playing live is not your thing and you hate dealing with industry executives but you still love to play music, perhaps you could channel your musical knowledge and skills in order to teach others. Whether you teach music theory and fundamentals or how to play a specific instrument, there is plenty of work for you in music schools and academies. But, if you prefer independence, you can also hold classes on your own, whether in your local area or around the entire world thanks to video calls.

There are few things that are more rewarding than watching someone who you’ve taught discover their talent and find success in the music world.


If your technical skills are exceptional, perhaps you could consider becoming a roadie. Roadies are the people that make everything happen, whether they are sound technicians, electricians or lighting and special effects operators. However, life on the road is not for everyone, because successful tours can last for several months, or in some cases, a couple of years. Also, countless nights of sleeping on buses or in hotel rooms can be pretty exhausting.

On the plus side, you get to see the world and become a part of something greater, as well as witness some of the most electrifying concerts and acts in person.


As you can see, there is a lot more to the music world than it may seem at first, especially if you are interested in taking a look behind the scenes. So, don’t be afraid to go after your dream job and enjoy the music in the process. Good luck!

Joe McLean is a writer and journalist, who works now as the consultant with grabmyessay reviews, ivory research review, uk writings review, sometimes helps australian writings review, and the best writing services, essays have reviews with numerous blogs and publications. His hobbies include hiking and playing his Gibson Les Paul. He is single and has two dogs.

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