Community Video: Jenny Vinatieri – Have A Nice Day

Jenny Vinatieri

Jenny Vinatieri is a songwriter-singer from Colorado Springs, Colorado.  She has been gaining traction and airplay in the local community for my first album release “Religion” which is a collection of songs she wrote to illustrate her ability to write across different genres.  She was honored to have been recognized and awarded the title of Semi-Finalist in both the International/Unsigned Only and USA Songwriting Competitions as well as the Grand Prize Winner of the 2016 Divine Tracks contest.  Also, she recently received high rankings for several of her songs through ReverbNation and have been awarded a featured artist spot on their homepage. 

Currently, she is writing and producing her second project due to be released in 2017 with KGM studios in Boulder, Colorado. This will be a compilation of songs blending Adult Contemporary, Pop, EDM, Club and Country Cross-Over tracks with fresh lyrics styled after some of my earlier influences (Alannis, Gwen, Shania and Sheryl) and newer influences (SIA, Chainsmokers, Taylor and Katy).

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