How Has Playing Music Changed Your Life

how has playing music changed your life

We asked our readers how playing music has changed their life and we got some pretty touching responses.

Music has more or less shaped the course of my entire life. Playing music has allowed me to travel along the East Coast and meet nearly all of the people who I now consider friends. It has also led me to my personal career of being a radio DJ, which I never would have pursued had I not been exposed to certain situations and people as a result of my interest in music.

Ian Schelling
Boston, Massachusetts

Music has given me a deeper appreciation for all genres. Because I have a piano background, I appreciate and even listen to classical music on a regular basis (when I study). It has also led to an inclusion of music into my everyday life. I almost always have music playing in the background while I’m doing various tasks.

Mary Thatcher
El Paso, Texas

I’ve never before had a creative outlet with which I could explore what’s going on in my head so fully. I am constantly challenged and frustrated with my instrument and voice, but this also leads to great feelings of accomplishment when I succeed. I think music has always played a role in my life, whether it be relaxing, getting ready for the day, or just making a car ride more enjoyable, but now music is a driving force, and something I hope I never lose.

Rob McCall
Charleston, South Carolina

Playing music made me realize I had talents I never thought I had. It feels nice to be a part of something. I can turn to music whenever I am upset, because I truly enjoy it.

Alice Jacobs
Calabasas, California

Music has given me a way to express who I am and who I want to be. It is a way to communicate truth without all of the noise of the irrelevant environment around me. As a music teacher I experience real joy in helping young children discover a way to let their personalities “sing” through their guitar, their piano or their voice, or any instrument they might choose. A musical instrument is just that, a tool to be used to aid in a specific undertaking.

My purpose in teaching is to share the opportunity of using another language, that of music, to showcase the beautiful aspects of their present and future identity.

Tamera Van Erdewyk
Do-Re-Mi and You Music Studio
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Music has not changed
my life. It has defined it.

Stan Sitnik
Liverpool, New York

I don’t think music has changed my life because it has always been there, from my earliest memories of my father playing piano and guitar, and my mom singing me lullabies.

Today, my life revolves around music, no matter if it is attending a concert, going to an open mic night, singing around a campfire with friends and family, or watching my children perform. I can’t imagine what my life would be without these experiences.

Thad Roman
Homestead, Florida

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It is an interesting discussion with lots of opinions. I think music has a deep impact on those who love it. So keep loving music and change your life.

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