Hal Leonard Helps Music Teachers Navigate the Distance Learning Landscape

distance learning

All teachers that have been thrown into the uncharted territory of trying to teach young students from home have challenges, but music teachers may have even more challenges than most. A choir depends on multiple voices. A band requires lots of players, all with instruments that may or may not be home with the students. General music education usually involves lots of interaction within a classroom. So what’s a teacher or band director to do when suddenly they have to provide instruction or guidance to their students from afar with distance learning?

“We understand that school closures have forced teachers worldwide to create online learning environments. While this is uncharted territory for many, luckily music technology and online learning has been a focus of Hal Leonard for years and we are doing everything we can to support educators in this time,” said John Mlynczak, a member of the Hal Leonard online music education leadership group. “We are offering extended trials and enhanced support for composing and recording music with Noteflight Learn, learning to play an instrument with Essential Elements Interactive, and learning songs in general music with Essential Elements Music Class.”

Hal Leonard has multiple online resources that educators have already been using. During these extenuating circumstances, most of the sites have added extra tools or limited free accessibility to get through the next few weeks:


Noteflight Learn
Ideal for K-12 or college, Noteflight Learn allows students and teachers to create, share, and record music online for any device. Noteflight is extending this service for free through June 30th. For more info: https://notes.noteflight.com/distance-learning-support/


Essential Elements Interactive
Ideal for teaching today’s band and string students both in the classroom and at home, EEi is an easy set of technology tools for online learning, teaching, assessment, and communication. EEi is already free with the purchase of an Essential Elements Method Book and is now offering enhanced support for existing teachers and students signing up for accounts for distance learning. For more info: https://www.eeiblog.com/eeidistancelearning


Essential Elements Music Class
Ideal for K-5, Essential Elements Music Class allows teachers to access hundreds of songs with activities and lessons. Songs can easily be shared with students to use at home with no login required). EE Music Class is offering an extended 30-day trial period for distance learning. For more info: https://www.eemusicclass.com/

In addition, Hal Leonard has posted a page of additional resources and FAQs that teachers can use during this time at https://www.halleonard.com/distancelearning/.


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